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Architecture in Javascript - Modules | November 24, 2011 at 11:14

About a week ago I wrote about [turning client side JavaScript into CommonJS modules](http://lofjard.se/post/the-power-of-commonjs). The scoping of variables in CommonJS makes this easy, but what if we wanted to do it the other way around? In CommonJS, modules are scoped by file and all public methods and properties must be propagated through the <code>exports</code> object. ````js var foo = 'foo'; function bar() { return foo; } exports.bar = bar; ```` In the above example the `foo` property is private to the CommonJS module and can only be read from the outside by the public method `bar()`. If we were to include this JavaScript file on the client however, the property `foo` and the method `bar()` would both exist in the same scope as all other JavaScript files. What we need is to

The power of CommonJS | November 16, 2011 at 22:44

A few days ago when I was putting my posts into CouchDB, instead of relying on a static HTML file, I also implemented templating with [Mustache](http://mustache.github.com/). Mustache is small, easy to use and has almost no advanced features. It's power lies in the vast amount of implementations it has for different platforms but most of the power comes from one single implementation; the JavaScript implementation. There's nothing really special about the JavaScript implementation except that it is written in JavaScript and is intended to run in the web browser. The implication of having this implementation however is that you can now use the same template files on both the server side and client side. That was a big win for me so I decided to use it. There is also, on [their website](ht

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