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2014 In Review

It has been a bad year for my blog. Early on I started working on a new blogging platform that would also support a number of other content types to better reflect my life.
I wanted to host my own data from my running and mountain biking activities and I wanted to review at least a part of all the tech and sporting equipment I’ve bought over the year.

None of this came to pass…

…and I’m quite ashamed…

…and consider it a personal failure.

The new platform is still under construction and I’m thinking of breaking it into parts and doing a partial release as soon as possible, though that might still be closer to the end of Q1 2015.

New hardware for my office has been ordered a few days ago and I hope I will get some time to do some serious bare knuckle programming done as soon as I get home (I’m currently celebrating Christmas and the new year in the Swedish mountains).

To all you readers who persist in checking in on this blog: Thank you, and a happy new year!

by Mikael Lofjärd
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