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4 Hours of Markdown

Wow, that was kind of exhausting.

I’ve completed my rewrite of all my blog posts into Markdown. Somewhere in the middle I found why my inline HTML didn’t work and that made my old posts look almost acceptable, but the syntax highlighted source code didn’t work anymore since I had moved the highlighting code into the marked configuration.

So on I went into the abyss, continuing to rewrite (more like edit) all my older posts. While I was at it I re-indented all source code examples into using 2-space indentation. Man, some posts do have a lot of source code in them. =)

I made good use of SSH for connecting to my server from my parents-in-laws’ cabin (where I’ve spent the last week).

ssh -L 8080:localhost:5984 lofjard.se made sure I could connect to the CouchDB instance on lofjard.se.


  • All posts are now written in Markdown. You will not know the difference.
  • SSH is awesome.
by Mikael Lofjärd
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