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Cleaning up

I’m starting to have quite a few views in CouchDB and I’ve done my best to name them in a logical way so that I can easily see what they do by reading their names. Today I created a couple of new views and I decided that I needed to rename some old ones for clarity. Just when I was about to hit ‘Save’ on one of my design documents I felt a cold shiver going down my spine. I stopped and thought about it for a second and I realized that I don’t have a separate database for my development environment, nor do I want to have one.

This made me take a different strategy. At the moment I have a lot of views that does the same thing but are named differently. That’s because I created new views, with better names, instead of removing the old ones. I will remove the old ones after I’m done making sure that the development environment only uses the new views. That way I (hopefully) won’t break my production environment all of a sudden.

by Mikael Lofjärd
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