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Maintenance In Progress

I've embarked upon my mission to upgrade my server installation. It's probably going to take the better part of this week but I hope to be done by this weekend when my parents-in-law are coming to stay with us.

Here's my todo-list as of now.

  1. Find a temporary server to host the blog on while installing new stuff on IBS.
    1. Grab nearest piece of unused computer tech capable of running Linux.
      (Yay, my RaspberryPi)
    2. Install Raspbian.
      (Since it's just a temporary server I didn't bother playing with Arch Linux ARM. Raspbian is what most people are using on their RPis so I figured it would have a decent repository of pre-compiled software.)
    3. Install nginx.
      (This was easy, it was in the repos.)
    4. Install CouchDB.
      (Again, in the repos).
    5. Install Node.js.
      (This is where I'm currently at. It's a little trickier, requiring compiling from source for version 0.8.x and editing a couple of lines in the V8 configuration to allow ARM v6 compilation. It also takes a LOOOONG time to compile on the RPi)
    6. Setup the blog on the RPi.
  2. Redirect lofjard.se to point to the RaspberryPi.
  3. Install Arch Linux on IBS.
    1. Install nginx.
    2. Install CouchDB.
    3. Install Node.js. (All easy on Arch Linux thanks to fantastic repos.)
    4. Setup the blog on IBS.
  4. Re-redirect lofjard.se back to IBS.
  5. Benchmark
    (The use of nginx for static content instead of node-static should make for a nice performance boost in conjunction with the removal of some now redundant code.)
  6. Keep calm and carry on!
by Mikael Lofjärd
by Kjell-Olov Högdahl on
Hi Micke! Apart from the fun in turning a raspberry pi to your own server; is there any particular reason you do not host your blog on a web Hotell using f.x Wordpress? Just wondering ;) /Kjell-Olov
by Mikael Lofjärd on
It's all for fun. I created the blog to learn Node.js and I really dislike hosting since I can't change stuff around the way I like. And I _really_ dislike Wordpress =).


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