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Screw You Ubuntu - I'm Going Home

Ignoring a short play date with Red Hat around ‘95, my first Linux love was Slackware.

Slackware was fast and awesome but it somewhat lacked in the package discovery department. I installed most things from source and after learning about all the bad things that can happen when you install new versions of software on top of the old, I setup a package manager, but Slackware still lacked a central package repository.

All Your Source Are Belong To Us

The central source repository led me to switch to Gentoo. Being able to just install things without having to find the source code online first was great, but again I grew tired. The long compile times eventually wore me out and this time the switch was made to Ubuntu.

Out of The Box Experience

Ubuntu was nice in a everything-just-works sort of way, but now, some 6 years later, it doesn’t do what I want and I don’t know how to fix it with all the magic going on. I need to get back to my beloved manual tweaking.

The Arch of Truth

Arch Linux is my new pal. I’ve installed a bare core system that boots to the terminal (retro style), I’ve installed X and am about to configure it to my hearts content. If this doesn’t work out then; LFS, here I come!

by Mikael Lofjärd
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