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Tinker Time

Server parts My new, not yet assembled, server.

It has arrived!

Now it's up to me to get this thing put together and installed with some tasty Linux/Node.js/CouchDB action.

I also need to learn how to install Linux from an USB flash drive since I don't have any DVDs at home. I almost can't remember the last time I burned a DVD. I think it was roughly a year ago that I burned some photos I had taken at a friends wedding. And even then I had catch up on how to do it.

I fondly remember the old days when one could burn 200+ CDs at a LAN party.

I might have strayed a bit off topic now, so I will retire to my server build.

I'll see you on the other side!

by Mikael Lofjärd
by Mattias on
unetbootin! Gör flashbootables av isos enkelt! + har ibland automatisk nedladdning också (om distributionen inte är för ny). Ha så kul! :)
by rejs on
Monteringsreportage? Bara det senaste för dig minsan, atom, ssd, trackball...
by Mikael Lofjärd on
@Mattias: Found some other tool that did the same thing.
by Mikael Lofjärd on
@rejs: I'll send you some pics tomorrow (today) =)


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